Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blackberry Lily

The seedheads, from which Belamcanda chinensis gets its common name, blackberry lily.

Same plant, in bloom.


reader_iam said...

Oh, I love how that looks, and more than the ultimate flower itself.

Very cool. Never seen that before.

peter hoh said...

Thanks, Reader. This is one of the most interesting seedheads in my garden. A smart gardener in this part of the country plans for how things will look in the winter. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm learning.

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

This is such a gorgeous plant but I keep thinking very dark blueberries when I look at it instead of blackberries. Go figure.

peter hoh said...

Randy, the close up photo makes the seeds look bigger than they really are. The seeds are small enough to fit in a standard drinking straw.

kris said...

Very cool - I like both the bloom and the seedheads. Is this a shade or sun lover?

peter hoh said...

Kris, this is one of the plants I intend to share with you whenever we get around to doing a plant exchange.

I think it does well with a range of sun conditions. This particular plant gets deep shade until the afternoon, then full sun. I have another that bloomed this year in a shadier spot. And I've seen it in another garden (at St. Kate's) where it's in full sun.

I have a bunch of seedlings in the ground around the base of this plant. Others are potted up and reay to be shared in the spring.

And I will mail seeds to anyone who asks. Well, let's limit that to the first dozen people who ask.