Saturday, November 24, 2007

Breaking the Rules

So I'm digging in the garden on a cold day in late November, all because someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

No, I didn't have to bury a body.

Elizabeth Licata, of Garden Rant, offered some bonus bulbs to her readers. I was lucky enough to respond in time.

Bulbs have to be spaced at least a few inches apart, and they need to be in the ground before the first frost. Or so I thought. We had our first hard frost November 7. Already, the top inch of soil is pretty much frozen solid.

I'll blame Elizabeth for leading me astray. She assured me that it was not too late, and she encouraged me to consider the Big Hole method of putting them in the ground.

So here they are.

Geranium daffodil bulbs on the top, Colorblends Miss Confection tulips below. Two hyacinth bulbs on the left. All sitting on an inch of compost and a sprinking of bone meal.

Can't wait to see how they look next spring.


reader_iam said...

My husband's been known to use a power drill in order to dig the holes for bulbs. Tends to destroy the bit, but it gets the job done, and pretty quickly.

Also, I don't think he minds an excuse to go to the hardware store.

peter hoh said...

Yep, there's a lot to love about the drill and fill method.