Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autumn Glory

Fall colors peaked this past week for most of the maples up and down the street. The big silver maple in front of my house is the neighborhood holdout.


kris said...

Peter - that is gorgeous! We have a maple tree right next to the house that is usually stunning - but this year it had small batches of leaves turning and falling off, and then the next batch. Thanks for sharing yours!

vanessa cardui said...

All I can do is sigh. In southern california we do get autumn color, but in trickles, not bucketsful like that.

peter hoh said...

Fall color is something I've taken for granted. Except for one semester abroad, I've always had the pleasure of watching leaves turn. And while I may grumble about it now and then, I enjoy raking the leaves.

Here in Minnesota, we jokingly refer to the "Theater of Seasons." Even winter has its charms. (Okay, truth be told, winter wears out its welcome at some point around the end of January.)