Monday, July 07, 2008

Livin' la Vida Local

Saturday morning, a second annual pot-luck breakfast on the boulevard, one block away. Waffles, crepes, scrambled eggs that were from a coop 6 houses down the block. And several delicious baked goodies. Lots of catching up with old neighbors and meeting new ones.

Sunday afternoon, Market Days, five blocks away. An initiative of a local environmental group, the idea is that neighbors can bring their excess produce, crafts, or other vaguely related stuff to swap. I took a dozen potted perennials, mostly from divisions. Ten of them found new homes. For my efforts, I received a head of lettuce, a bunch of beet greens, two bars of hand-made soap, a few IOUs, and a dollar.

Some things were given freely, such as the serviceberries that Diane picked at a not-to-be-disclosed location, and lots of tips on edible weeds, such as Lamb's Quarters, Purselane, and Amaranth.

The group is going to try to make a weekly event out of this. Here's hoping it succeeds.


reader_iam said...

Wow, that sounds like fun. And the Market Days is a great idea.

peter hoh said...

Thanks, reader. Both events were the kind of thing that makes me happy to live in this neighborhood. Here's hoping you have your own reasons to love the place that you're in, too.

Meade said...

Peter: I think you'll find this interesting:

peter hoh said...

Thanks, Meade. I would have missed that article without your link.