Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

It was a fabulous Fourth. The weather was warm and sunny, with low humidity.

I got to work in my garden nearly the whole day. Divided, potted, uprooted, created a new bed, planted, weeded, watered, and turned compost. The pursuit of happiness, as I see it.

Sometime in the late morning, I waved to my neighbor as he drove past. A few hours later, I saw him again. He called out, "When I left, you were working in the garden, and when I came back you're still working in the garden. I played 18 holes of golf. I sure hope you are having as much fun as I did."

Yep. I sure did.

I took a break in the evening for brats on the grill and baseball on the radio. The kids each went with friends to see fireworks. I got to garden into the twilight, listening to all the neighborhood fireworks going off. Maybe it was just my imagination, but it seemed that I could see a little haze in the streetlights from all the smoke. Small fireworks are okay, until you compare them to the big ones. We live about a mile from the St. Paul Saints stadium, and they put on a nice fireworks show that makes the small stuff seem really small.

I didn't finish putting my tools away until 10:30.


Randy said...

that makes the small stuff seem really small.

I can still visualize the first time I held a sparkler in my hand, when I was 3 or 4. The big stuff is great but the little stuff - well ... Eye of the beholder, I guess, isn't it?

peter hoh said...

Okay, an exception is made for sparklers.