Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Peter, Rabbit

When I was a wee lad, I loved the story of Peter Rabbit. Back then, my sympathies lay with the rabbit, what with the two of us sharing a name and several personality traits.

No longer. Call me Mr. McGregor, but I am not interested in playing host to a bunny, no matter how small and cute it is right now.

I don't make an effort to keep out the nomadic bunnies who live somewhere in the neighborhood. They come out at dusk and mostly munch on the grass. They'll make a meal of certain seedlings -- especially beans - and I've learned to put up some chicken wire to deter them. I can live with that.

This little bunny, however, is making my garden its home. This means war. Me against the tiny little fluffy guy.

I'm trying to enlist the help of my cat. She's an indoor cat. When I take her outside, she's more interested in getting back in the house than chasing a rabbit.

Maybe I need to get a dog.

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Neza said...

I waged war on rabbits this past winter/spring...when they ravaged my shrubs.
Don't let them fool you with their cute bunny antics...they mean business!

Have you been up to Lake Superior recently? I have some pics on my blog from last weekend...I love it up there.

The Rock and Roll Gardener