Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I spy

Camera-equipped vehicleI spotted this SUV driving around my neighborhood. It was not just passing through. It had some sort of multi-directional camera mounted on the roof, and it appeared to be turning up and down every street.

Last year, Google used a similar vehicle to take pictures for StreetView. Could it be that they are updating the Twin Cities StreetView so soon, or is some other company gathering these photos?

What will happen to the earlier photos once Google updates StreetView? Perhaps the most interesting photos from last summer's StreetView are the series of photos taken as the Google vehicle crossed the ill-fated 35W Bridge. I hope that these are archived in some manner.

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imjacobsmom said...

Very interesting......I bet it is google updating streetview. And you know, I hope they are archiving those significant pics. When google drove down our street our neighbor was captured standing on his driveway. At my cousins home (he lives on a corner) his truck is on his driveway, and when you turn the corner - it's not! ~ Robyn