Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Blooming Bulbs

I like the striking foliage on these tulips. They will start to bloom about the time the crocus stop blooming.

My camera has trouble capturing the true color of these red tulips. No matter how much I tweak, I haven't been able to get the color to match.

These short tulips bloom earlier than the taller varieties, and they are less likely to blow over in a strong wind.

Still no sign of the bulbs I put in late last fall.


Laurie & Chris said...

Love the spring flower pictures!I have trouble taking pictures of blues!!

peter hoh said...

Yes, blue flowers are also tough to get right.

DK said...

The leaves on that tulip is really cool. My tulips are getting ravaged by rabbits or squirrels again this year. Argh.

peter hoh said...

I have bunny trouble, too. So far this year, the bunnies have left my tulips alone. The squirrels seem to be content to dig little holes here and there.

I need a dog.

EAL said...

No sign at all? Oh dear, that's not good. Mine that I planted in Nov are coming up and some are already in bloom.