Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feed the Birds

When my garden was much smaller, I sowed some bachelor's buttons. These annuals, also known as cornflower, have continued to self-seed and spread throughout my yard. That explains why farmers regard Centaurea cyanus as a weed, but I like them, even if they tend to fall over by mid summer. I stake a few to keep them upright.

This morning, while watering, I discovered another reason to let them grow. A pair of goldfinches were feeding on the seeds. Wish I had been able to take a photo.


kris said...

Fun! I love when the birds start going to the garden for seeds. I have mountain bluet but have never tried this centaurea. Very pretty - I'll have to give it a shot.

peter hoh said...

It self seeds like mad. Many of the plants germinate in the fall, overwinter with just a few leaves, and then take their full height in the spring.

The whites and pinks have all hybridized (is that a word, let alone the right word?) out of the blue ones I originally sowed.