Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why blog?

I didn't really set out to start a blog. I signed up with Blogger so that I could leave comments on the Althouse blog. After registering with Blogger, it didn't take much more to start my own blog, so click click, here it is.

But am I really a blogger? I don't think so. And that's fine with me. Perhaps it will turn into a blog, but for now, this is a place where I post some garden notes and the occasional short essay. If I ever unearth my old college notes, I'll post some more about Richard Mitchell and the Underground Grammarian.

If I wanted traffic, I'd pick a mundane thing and blog about it every day. Like that pencil blog. But I'm not after traffic. If I were, well, I'd be constantly violating that commandment about not coveting my neighbor's blog traffic.

Right now, I'm happy being a blog reader and leaving occasional comments on my favorite blogs. I'm most active at the Family Scholars Blog. There I'm part of a conversation -- which is what really appeals to me.

And that's what I think the best blogs are -- conversations between writers and readers. This blog is more like a conversation with myself. But done with the awareness that it's archived and accessible to anyone, anywhere. So while I will try to be honest, I won't be shining a light on the dark corners of my psyche.

The Althouse blog provides me with the kind of free-ranging conversation that I used to enjoy in college. Not so much opportunity for that in the life I lead now. I got a compliment from Ann today -- very nice. But if I cut and pasted it here, well, that would make me look like a suck up.

And the Althouse Man is not a suck up.


wildaboutharrie said...

I'm a SAHM, new to the blog world and learning (slowly) how to behave properly. It is nice to find people who like to discuss politics, culture, etc. I hop on when I'm feeding the baby, when my toddler is occupied, etc.

And now you do daycare? How do you like that?

peter hoh said...

Hi W.A.H.

I didn't start doing daycare until my kids were in school all day long. The little bit of overlap time works nicely, actually, as my kids get to have part-time little brothers and sisters. I think it's good for them to see up close as another little human goes from infant to toddler.

I don't think I could have been doing daycare when my kids were little. Maybe I could have, but I would not have wanted to. Childcare is time and mind consuming. With others 'round my feet, I would not have been able to be there for my kids, which is why I chose to stay home in the first place.

blogagog said...

You make me want to start a fire and toast some marshmallows. " eating veal, or tadpoles". Too funny :)

peter hoh said...

blogagog, thanks. I've gone ahead and posted my Althouse comment as a blog entry here.

Cathy Young said...

Hi Peter! :) Just wanted to give you a friendly shout-out.