Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola holiday bottle

Dear Coca-Cola,

To you, this holiday bottle is probably just a fun novelty item. To teachers, however, this is a cheap (and unbreakable) alternative to a round-bottom flask, suitable for young children.

I like to use these bottles as lenses. Filled with water and held at arm's length, they produce images like this one.

Bottle lens

In a darkened room, one can shoot a laser beam through the water-filled bottle and observe the refraction.

Last year, I bought two before they were gone from the shelves at my local WalMart. This year, I got a dozen.

Here's hoping that these will be released again next year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a neat idea. My daughter loves gazing balls, snow globes, and the like. I hope my local Walmart has them too!

peter hoh said...

My daughter is in high school. She took one of these to lunch and reported that she and her friends had a blast goofing around with it.