Monday, July 13, 2009


Spotted a hummingbird zipping around my garden. First time I've seen one this season. It took a hit off some bee balm before dashing off.

Robins, with their young 'uns in tow, are raiding the serviceberry shrub and following me around whenever I water.

Goldfinches are becoming regular visitors, nibbling at the coneflower seeds. Coneflower is also known as annual bachelor button. It's hard to believe that they can light on a bendy coneflower stem without pulling the whole stem to the ground, but they manage. I'd love to get a photo, but without an SLR, a big zoom lens, and a bird blind, I don't think I can get close enough to the goldfinches.

Latin names for the plants, just because: Monarda, Amelanchier, and Centaurea cyanus.

UPDATE: Managed to get a photo.
Goldfinch feeding on cornflower

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