Saturday, June 27, 2009

Insect Artists

This is about as good as it gets with insect pests: neatly nibbling interesting designs on an unwanted plant.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mary Schier's most recent post, I've learned that these leaves were cut by leafcutter bees. That should be easy to remember.

Here are a couple more articles about leafcutter bees: one written by an entomologist and one with some great photos.


EAL said...

Oh, that is nice! Mine don't do nearly as well!

cola said...

Oh! That is so neat looking!
I have been pulling weeds all day and it would be a much more enjoyable task if they looked like this one...

Scott said...

Thanks, Peter ! I have a couple serviceberries in my little "nursery" bed that have very similar chomp marks and I had no idea. Now I do ! Cool ! I love to feed a diverse & motley crew of insects.