Saturday, May 09, 2009

Friends School Plant Sale

four story wagon
This is the weekend of the BIG plant sale. And yes, there are big plants for sale.

It's the 20th annual Friends School Plant Sale. Like many perennials, it gets bigger every year. A few years ago, it outgrew the school grounds and was transplanted to the State Fair Grandstand. Now it's spilling out into the area around the Grandstand.

This was my first year volunteering at the sale. For a couple hours, I directed people to the checkout line and answered questions. I spent the next two hours tidying up and returning plants that had been misplaced.

The folks running the sale managed to wrangle a few hundred shopping carts to make it easier to buy too many plants, but the traditional way to do the sale involves bringing your own tricked out wagon.

The wagon in the photo above belongs to one of my neighbors. Check out the Plant Sale blog for photos of other improvised plant carts.

UPDATE: On Sunday, I saw this tricked out wagon. Now I know what I'm gonna be doing in the middle of next winter.

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