Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Ad Snapshot

In addition to the presidential election, we have a hotly contested Senate race in Minnesota. Most of the House seats are fairly secure, but CD-3 is open and CD-6 is competitive. That's eight candidates -- and their respective parties -- vying for eyeballs.

The political ads have been dominating television, and the negative ads definitely outnumber the positive ones.

I don't usually watch the local news at 5:00, but today my son and I kept track through the KARE 11 newscast. I was in and out of the kitchen, working on dinner, so there's a little margin of error.

According to our scrap paper, there were 20 ads. Eighteen of them were political. Sixteen of them were negative ads.

Against McCain: 3

Against Coleman: 3
Against Franken: 2
For Coleman: 1

Against Madia: 2
Against Paulsen: 2

Against Bachmann: 2
Against Tinklenberg: 2

For Kline: 1

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