Sunday, August 31, 2008

What if everybody showed up . . .

. . . and they called off the party.

The conventioneers are here. The media is here. The protesters are here. But the action is at the other end of the Mississippi.

Damned Gustav.

A lot has been written about the pre-convention raids on protesters.

I don't have much to add, other than the story I heard about the anarchist group who lost out on a place to stay because they wouldn't/couldn't agree to some basic rules. Big surprise.

I'm avoiding both downtown areas, so I can't report on what all is going on, but there's a reporter from Seattle who's covering those stories.

Driving back from a gardening job Saturday, I saw what looked like some sort of patrol boat under one of the freeway bridges. That's a level of security that I have not seen before.

Glad I didn't get stopped by the police. I was grungy enough to pass for a anarchist, and I had my 6 foot San Angelo bar, a hefty digging fork, a machete, zip ties, and some rocks among other potential weapons of mayhem.

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