Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Superior photos

I was slow to embrace digital photography. I loved my Canon SLR. I had three lenses, a bunch of filters, and an electronic flash that let me bounce light off the ceiling. And an old-school Star-D tripod. I liked being able to set the depth of field or the length of exposure to get certain effects. Cradling that big zoom lens made me feel like a pro.

The tiny digital cameras felt like cheap point-and-click cameras, and the digital SLR cameras were out of my price range.

Eventually, I bought a Nikon L3. I've been very happy with it.

My wife took the kids up to Lake Superior for a few days of Spring Break. I had to stay home to work, but I sent the camera along. I just got done uploading the pics. They took 528 photos.

With film photography, that would have been 15 rolls of 36 exposure film.

What an extravagance that would have been!

But with digital, it's no big deal.

Shoot away, kids. But then let's sit down and sift through them. And then indulge your old man while he asks you to think about what makes some photos better than others. Try not to roll your teenage eyes.

UPDATE: Photoset here.


kris said...

Oh, no - you sound just like my hubby!! lol. He is impressed though with how much I've improved by doing my own photos for the blog. It drives me crazy when he spends HOURS setting all the settings. argh. We have a deal on vacations - he carries his own s*#@ and I get a good walk in while he takes one photo. It does drive me crazy.

kris said...

I just looked at the slideshow - great photos!! I've never been to the North Shore this time of year - very pretty. I loved where the lake looked like it was covered with diamonds. And all the ice on the ground around the trees - weird. That is such an awesome place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Tag. You're it. As you were so thrilled by the last one, I couldn't resist passing this one along as well ;-)

Neza said...

As much as I love Lake Superior, that picture makes me feel cold ! I know how cold that water is...I'm used to seeing it photographed with fall colors, I guess.

By the way, I have a ban on tagging on my blog. Maybe you should do that.

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