Saturday, December 29, 2007

Juno cameo?

I finally got around to seeing Juno. A sweet movie with a delightful title character. As suggested in the trailer, the movie portrays a positive, warm father-daughter relationship. Well, as warm a relationship as is possible between a crusty 50-year-old guy and his jaded, smart alecky 16-year-old daughter. A nice change of pace from the standard dad-is-a-clueless-lout that seems to dominate movies and television.

That framed note on the nursery wall -- very nice touch. Caught me by surprise, and caused a little swelling in the old tear ducts.

Screenwriter Diablo Cody is sort of media royalty in the Twin Cities. Her rise from humble blogger to Hollywood screenwriter has been covered by nearly all the media outlets in town. I think I started following her back when she was pop-culture critic for City Pages.

I figured she'd make a cameo, so I kept looking for a crowd scene where Reitman might give her a little face time. I think I spotted her, but I'm not certain. Hoping that I could confirm my hunch with a Google search, I came up empty. Well, almost. Searching for "Juno," "Diablo Cody," and "cameo," I learned that the hamburger phone used by the title character is from Cody's kitsch collection.

Close, but no cigar. Speaking of tobacco related products, Ellen Page looks supremely cute with that pipe dangling from her lips.

So where do I think Cody shows up? On Mark Loring's computer (Mark is Jason Bateman's character). Little photo on the upper left side of the screen. Cody and a dog, taken from her blog, if my not-exactly-photographic memory is serving me well.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

The pic on Mark's computer is indeed her and her dog! Give yourself a prize!

peter hoh said...

Thanks, Prince. Your blog was my fun discovery of the day. Love that Pork Chop.

DK said...

My wife and I had tickets to a special premier of Juno on the 13th of Dec at the Walker with a Q and A with Cody after the film. Unfortunately my second son decided to kick his way out of my wife's womb two days earlier than scheduled so we missed the movie. I'm going to hold that over his head for quite a while I think.

BTW, I just came across your blog. I too am a stay at home (blogging ) dad in St. Paul. I do not, however, have your skills in the garden. I've got big plans for the spring though, so maybe I could get some tips or help from you sometime.

peter hoh said...

dk, I'd be happy to share some garden tips. Some plants, too.

Sorry you missed the premier of Juno. That would have been fun. But hey, newborns are a blast, too.

Hope you get to see Juno on the big screen. I have a feeling that it will be in theaters for a while. It's not the it must be seen on the big screen, but seeing it with a crowd -- a crowd very much in synch with the film -- really added to the experience.

kris said...

Hi Peter - I haven't seen this movie yet - now I'll know what to look for - thanks!! It sounds like one I would enjoy.

Lucky you on the tulips. I'm guessing they'll do just fine. A couple years ago, I had some shipped directy from the Netherlands - and they arrived in a snow storm. They did great - could be we usually plant them way too early! Although much nicer to be out there digging when it's a little warmer out! lol

I'm looking forward to our plant exchange next spring. And can't wait to see more photos of your gardens.

Happy Gardening in 2008!