Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Wallace Gardens

This week, Jason Davis took viewers On the Road to a spectacular garden west of Minneapolis. Wally Marx started work on it seven years ago, and wow, did he get busy. He had quite the canvas to work with, unlike some of us who are stuck with city lots, 40 feet square. His budget is a lot bigger than mine, too.

The Wallace Gardens are listed in the recent book, 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die, but, uh, this is a private garden, one that only a handful of people have seen. Good luck trying to check this off the list.

Thanks to Davis, however, we all get a peek at this masterpiece. Here's the video clip.

The nicest thing about the video? It was put together with clips from throughout the growing season. And the aerial shots.

UPDATE: it appears the KSTP video link is no longer operative. Here's a StarTribune video instead. Unfortunately, the Strib didn't get any aerial footage.


guild_rez said...

Hello Peter,
I found your comments with the link in Kris garden by the lake blog. Just watched the video clip, wonderful garden.
Thank you..
"This Minnesota "secret garden" is listed in the book 1001 Gardens"

peter hoh said...

Gisela, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

kris said...

Hi Peter - thanks so much for letting me know about this video - it's awesome!!!! I just did a little blurb about it with a link to the KSTP site - but I should have sent people over here - you did a much nicer post than I did!!!

I hope someday this will be a public garden - like Filoli or the Huntington Gardens in California. If I had a gem like that, I think I'd want to share. :)

peter hoh said...

I suspect that it will end up being a public garden. Why else would Marx allow it to be in the 1001 book? Just to tease us?

Caroline said...

I worked for both Wally Sr and Wally Jr at Wallace Marx & Assoc. (now Marx Promotion Intelligence).

That's Wally Sr's private residence. I personally only know a few people who have seen it—people who are friends of Wally Jr or Kara Marx (his daughter). I doubt it will become a public garden while he is still alive. I think he's proud of his accomplishment and that's why he allows it to be photographed. It's a way of sharing it without having people traipsing around his property.

Because I was a Horticulture student, I remember Wally Jr telling me about it while his dad was still designing it. I made some sort of snide remark at the time (because in my mind Wally was only a buisiness man). I never imagined it would turn out to be so beautiful, but in truth, artisitic ability runs in their family. Wally Jr. is a musician, for example.

I wish I could embed this video in my blog...

peter hoh said...

Caroline, thanks for adding your insights.

Yes, I certainly understand that one would not want the public milling about one's home and garden.