Monday, June 25, 2007

Wedding Saturday, Weeding Sunday

Spent Saturday at a family wedding. Sunday I weeded until it got too dark to see. Didn't leave much time for my not-so-regular Sunday Survey blogging.

Usually, when I'm pressed for time on a Sunday, I walk through the garden and take quick photos of all the blooming plants so that I can reconstruct the Sunday Survey at a later time. Sunday, I was on a weeding tear. Might still get around to reconstructing my bloom list for Sunday, but it's low on my priorities this week.

The wedding was a lot more fun than the weeding. The bride looked lovely. Saw some relatives that I rarely see, including one family that I hadn't seen in perhaps 35 years. My wife even got me out on the dance floor.

Tried to take some photos at the reception, but I was not happy with the weak flash on my little digital camera. It's a glorified point-and-shoot, but I was able to disable the flash and take some long exposure photos. Most look bad, but I got a few photos like the one above that captured the moment. Best photo captured the father of the bride looking at the bride and groom, across the dance floor. He's in the foreground, seated, hand on head, elbow on table. Since he wasn't moving around, he's in sharp focus while the bride and groom are just a bit fuzzy around the edges. They were in brighter light, and not dancing at the time, so they aren't blurry. I could not have staged a better shot.

Much as I'm proud of the photo, it doesn't seem right to post a recognizable photo of someone else on my blog. I would have posted a shot of Sunday's weed harvest, but I wasn't about to stop weeding to take a photo.


kris said...

The wedding sounds lovely. I've been on a weeding tear lately too - and then I turn around and the first gardens I did have ugly things growing in them again - lol. Enjoy your gardens once you get caught up - summers in Minn are too short!

peter hoh said...

Yes, Kris, our summers are too short. Taking out the trash tonight, I thought of how winter will kill all the weeds that are growing so thinkly by the garage. Jack Frost may get to them before I do!