Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rainy Day

The last poppies opened up overnight. Between the wind and the rain, they won't last very long. Managed to get a lot of my recently purchased plants into the ground yesterday. Hoping they enjoy the wet weather.


kris said...

This rain has to be making the plants very, very happy! Your poppies look so bright. I'm thinking I need to get me some of them.

peter hoh said...

Kris, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the poppies are stunnning, however short lived. Shortly, their foliage will dry up and look terrible until fall. I've got a couple sweet potato vines in place to cover up the space left by the poppies. If you'd like some poppies, ask me in September.

kris said...

Thanks Peter - I will do that! Do you have to leave the foliage in place after they bloom, or can you cut it back? Either way, I think I probably have a couple things that I can "hide" it with!

Thanks for visiting my blog today - Happy Birthday!! I hope you have had a really great day.

peter hoh said...

For the past several years, I've cut the poppy stalks once they turn brown and left the dried foliage in place.

New growth starts showing up in early fall. I keep the poppy bed covered in leaves over the winter -- not a thick blanket, just a couple of inches deep. In early spring, I remove the leaves by hand, taking care not to damage the new growth.