Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Spring has graced us with her presence. I haven't heard the "voice of the turtle," but I saw my first robin this morning.

Temps have been in the 40s for several days. Yesterday's high hit 62. Saw my first robin this morning.

While much of the garden remains covered in snow, my south-facing boulevard gardens and front lawn are mostly clear. Snow melt reveals a few poppy leaves by the curb. They're leftover from new growth last fall, so I won't count them as the first new growth. Lamium, ajuga, and cranesbill look pretty beat up, but they keep some of their foliage through the winter, so I won't consider them, either. The pachysandra are unfazed by winter.

The first new growth in my garden? Probably the tulips poking through the mulch, close to the house in front (photo above). The Clara Curtis daisies in the front boulevard bed are putting up new shoots. Better clear out the old, dead stems pretty soon.

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