Sunday, June 26, 2005

About me

So how did I arrive here?

I was born and raised in South Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. As a teen, I thought I was going to become a biologist. A couple of brilliant English teachers in my last year of high school made me question my direction. I took a break before college. Went to work on a dairy farm. I lasted a month.

Returning home, I took office temp jobs and wound up attending Glassboro Sate College part-time. After a few years, I transfered to St. Olaf College in Minnesota, intending to become an English teacher. Met the woman who would become my wife, and I got to do my student teaching abroad.

Got the degree, but found that English teaching jobs were hard to come by. I ended up teaching at the elementary level, where I discovered I had a knack for teaching math and science.

Left teaching in 1994 to become a stay at home dad. Since 1996, I've been a part-time instructor at a science museum. When my younger child entered first grade, I "went pro" and began providing daycare.

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